84 Clinton Events – Pre Party


Isabella came to the backyard of 84 Clinton with her mother. It was a very special day – they were preparing for a birthday party in Isabella’s honor, to be held the following weekend in our 900 square foot backyard. Her mother had seen the pictures and fell in love with the space she said looked identical to her backyard growing up. While Isabella’s mother was looking around at the yard, discussing table configurations and seating options – Isabella was rolling around in the artificial grass, ostensibly oblivious to anything but the sweet air and the sunshine. We asked Isabella how she felt about turning 5 and she responded by showing us her wand; Slyly changing the conversation away from something of fictive importance – to something of a pressing concern. Her glittery wand tied with ribbon and a found air freshener pod she held delicately in her hands, telling us it came from a mermaid. She told me this with such matter of fact importance it was impossible for me to doubt the story (*ehhem please note I did say the words: “do not put that in your mouth – wash your hands if it bursts etc.) But mostly, we didn’t doubt that this girl, would be just fine.

When we renovated the cement backyard we had no way of imagining Isabella running excitedly back and forth, Stoli close at her heels. But, moments like this take place before each of our events. Our clients come in and look around the yard and ask us questions about what they can expect on the day of the event. We put their minds at ease, telling them about our offerings and when we told Isabella’s mother about our event photography she lit up. As if by echolocation – Isabella, who had been playing noisily on the other side of the fence, popped her head around the edge – smile huge – camera ready. Without being asked she plopped down on our of our couches and struck a pose. And then she struck another pose, and another one. It was a week before the party, but Isabella was ready for pictures now. And so, of course, we obliged.

We are are looking forward to this event! Pictures of the space, and information about how to host your own event at 84 Clinton can be found here.

An Open Door: Potential

Glimpsing the property at 84 Clinton you can be assured of one thing: There is a lot to be said for an Open Door. A symbol that is both welcoming and daunting all at once. The adventurous will approach with no thought other than excitement for what’s on the other side. Others cast their lot more timidly – approaching with caution or not at all.

One thing is for sure (amongst other, unrelated things) at 84 Clinton we love an open door and the potential it provides. We have already gotten so much joy out of leading people through the door of the yard, and watching their face light up with surprise at the oasis that unfolds before them. Not to sound too dramatic but we love it here, and we love the people who come through every day. We are starting our first Event season this September and can’t wait to watch more people explore and unwind in this haven we are so fortunate to enjoy ourselves.

for prices and availability: Essex.flowers@gmail.com 212-529-6653

After Labor Day Feelings

Post Labor Day Flowers – Glorious

There is a certain post-labor day malaise that happens in the city (post Labor Day, of course) Labor Day is one of about a handful of days where the city creeps to a whispery halt. Everybody in the city is all of a sudden, a local. The pace switches a buzzing first gear and we suddenly find ourselves sitting back on our heels a bit. There is a quiet that takes over causing us to look up – at the surroundings we see everyday – our neighborhoods, with fresh perspective. Taking inventory of where we are, how we got here. The summer days we trudged through are now maligning us to say goodbye. The coming fall brings feelings of bittersweetness, exciting us with the respite from the heat, but reminding us of the impending winter ahead. A winter – that for flower shops means: HOLIDAYS. Suprising enough, Fall and Winter are some of the most busy seasons for Flower Shops. Decorations for holiday parties, events, but also just delivering flowers to people who don’t have the great privilege of being surrounded by them every (moment of) everyday.

So, we are shaking this malaise by reminding us what it is that we are doing next. And that is quite simply: hang out at 84 Clinton Street. Meet more of our neighbors. And put on our second party of the year. We have only been open for less than a month and already we have met so many people we can’t wait to have back. The backyard is getting into it’s perfect sweater weather just in time for our Halloween party and Post-Apocalyptic prom (you read that right).

Happy Labor Day Everyone! And if you’re feeling a little wonky – you’re not alone. Even FlowerShops get the blues. But, after a little self reflection, bounce right back.

On The Couch with Aaron Burr

Pictured: tired eyes

Reading over a quick synopsis of Aaron Burr’s life – you’d realize that some people are forced to confusedly are forced to live out the lessons of a past life – in their current life. The two worlds superimposed confusedly. You’re the main character in each but in this – there is nobody to wring your hands to and tearfully chortle – but What What you don’t understand, I am good. Aren’t I good. Nobody to plead your case. Because the ones in this wold don’t care, they’ve evidence to believe otherwise and if not – some can be scrounged up from around here. An inverse understanding of cause and effect. We think we are tabula rosa NAY ha ha ha. Anything but rosy anything but blank. Closer to Slate than the descriptive metaphor wrapped in linguistic coverings. Besides – you haven’t the clearheadedness to explain yourself anyway. You are either connived you’re curse – laughing maniacally spinning the dark forces around on their heels to look at you dead in the face – mystified – and then surely intrigued – our you convince yourself of your victimhood – retelling the take in your head over and over – a narrative loop to which you eventually become quit nub – but To Fight. To Fight – is to stand still willfully pulled in a rambunctious middle – guilt and anger, sadness and fierceness, apathy and humor – fictive forces forcing combustion. To fight to move to inhale exhale – willfully – to Duel – to persist – I,possibly – the only thin, in death – made ostensibly apparent.

And Yet –

You’re still the one who killed Him

Whats the deal :

With a sloth?

Bill asked me and then I realized: I had no idea. What’s the deal with a sloth. Is it happy? Is it sad? Does it lay eggs?

pictured: irrefutable proof of happiness

Turns out – Sloths don’t lay eggs. And they are very happy. Slothville.com calls them “highly successful” slow moving mammals. I don’t know what the 401K package is for a sloth but I think their success (and soft-smile happiness) comes from this slow pace of theirs. We are taking this (very subjective) sloth wisdom into the weekend and slowwwiiinnnnngggg down. Namaste’ing, downward sloth, the whole thing. We feel successful already. WBU??

What’s in a name?

Existentially bereft

Bill and I were arguing about what to call this arrangement. He wants to highlight the peonies, but I think that peonies get all of the attention as it is, and that we should highlight the snap dragons. HE wants something along the lines of “virginal paradise” or “purity and serenity” but I think that he’s showing us his Freudian hand with those suggestions too…I want something like “Snap pony” or “pony dragon” it doesnt make any sense but the idea of calling a peony a pony with a straight face is just so funny to me. I don’t think this is a problem we will settle today. Will update.