Color Icon: Gunta Stolzl

Icon? : Gunta Stolzl

We could talk about the Bauhaus all day long. The men, the women – the comedy, the tragedy. Name In Lights. The whole Razzle Dazzle. But the longer I obsessed over Joseph and Anni (and all the other beautiful humans who covered themselves in saw dust and paint shavings and blowtorches for the cause) – the more my eye was drawn back to Gunta Stolzl. It was her expression. I was all about it. I wanted to climb into that space with the square blocks and just camp out along the ridges of those vibrant hues. The way Gunta represented Alber’s principled color pattern, skewed uniquely towards a more whimsical and breathy imagery was capturing. I loved it. Wanted to rub the side of my cheek on the colorful pages I was thumbing through (so, I did).