Have we gone too far?

Pictured: Us going too far

Amidst some rather wacky activity on our part, we’ve started toying with a question: Do you know when you’ve reached the edge of insanity? And if so, what are the tell tale signs? Something tells us that there is a slow inkling – a creeping suspicion that lingers in the air above your head and then poof – erupts in a glorious self actualization: a resounding “No”. By this time of course, it is much too late and the answer is most certainly “yes”. The only thing to hint at this is that slow upheaval of self that begs you to ask the question in the first place. So here we are, at the beginning – Have we gone too far? Are we, in fact, insane?

The doll thing started as a joke, but we quickly got carried away. They tell you that naming something will give you attachment issues. Is this how God felt? Naming each creature? Is that why we’re allowed to get away with all the shenanigans we pull, because after naming us God just can’t seem to….. let us go. That’s how we are with these Dolls. We bought them, we laughed at the absurdity. We brushed their hair, we laughed a little harder. We stood them up on a shelf and when people cringed at the sight of them, we laughed even harder – but then – we defended them. “They’re not so bad once you get to know them.” We said, sounding like a jilted lover who’s boyfriend ate all of the hotdogs at the Fourth of July Cookout. Oh no, we felt it – that first twinge of “is this okay? Are we…. being a little weird here?”

The answer of course, was yes. But the answer of course was also, who careeeesss?? Okay so they are a little creepy, but their “soulless” “dead” eyes are really just a reflection of the person who is looking onto them. (not that the person is soulless – but the person, is the one perceiving the soul-less-ness) (is that a word?)

I realized, personally, that I never watched one of those scary movies where the doll kills the whole family. I have only known dolls to be fun things to play with, and then when I learned how to climb a tree – really boring things to play with. They’ve never taken up residence in my psyche as those squirly little vixens that terrorize and… I don’t know.. slam doors shut with their minds. A lot of people, however, have had this experience with dolls and so its understandable but also, it is not too late.

It is not too late to retrain your brain to view these ornately decorated, expertly hand crafted works of art for what they are – pieces of Craftsman History. A time we are no longer living in. You can build a machine to stamp plastic into any shape you want, and do that 100,000 times over. Or, you can make 150 dolls, with your hands. Paint every face, and frame every cheek structure. The craftsmanship this requires is something that we, personally, are longing for. We miss it. Making unique floral arrangements everyday by hand, we see the value in this type of work affirm the value of any item that was made in this way.

So, we stand by our dolls and again say “who caresssss” if they’re a little creepy to you right now. Pretty soon they’ll be worth a fortune so put them a safety deposit box under the bed (preferably fire proof because some of them can singe things with their minds) and invest in your families future!

An Open Door: Potential

Glimpsing the property at 84 Clinton you can be assured of one thing: There is a lot to be said for an Open Door. A symbol that is both welcoming and daunting all at once. The adventurous will approach with no thought other than excitement for what’s on the other side. Others cast their lot more timidly – approaching with caution or not at all.

One thing is for sure (amongst other, unrelated things) at 84 Clinton we love an open door and the potential it provides. We have already gotten so much joy out of leading people through the door of the yard, and watching their face light up with surprise at the oasis that unfolds before them. Not to sound too dramatic but we love it here, and we love the people who come through every day. We are starting our first Event season this September and can’t wait to watch more people explore and unwind in this haven we are so fortunate to enjoy ourselves.

for prices and availability: Essex.flowers@gmail.com 212-529-6653