Lower East Side Backyard Escape – oh yeah, it’s FREE

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself in the city. We are excited to unveil everything we’ve been working at Bills Flowers And Other Things. The city is hectic. Come and unwind at Bill’s Flowers and Other Things. We want you at our grand opening party! The first 100 people get a free rose! There will be music, flowers, drinks, and fresh air. We KNOW you dont have to break the bank to enjoy a backyard oasis escape – come and see for yourself! This store will be a second location for the longstanding neighborhood staple Flowers on Essex. Bill’s Flowers And Other Things, located across Delancey at 84 Clinton.

On The Couch with Aaron Burr

Pictured: tired eyes

Reading over a quick synopsis of Aaron Burr’s life – you’d realize that some people are forced to confusedly are forced to live out the lessons of a past life – in their current life. The two worlds superimposed confusedly. You’re the main character in each but in this – there is nobody to wring your hands to and tearfully chortle – but What What you don’t understand, I am good. Aren’t I good. Nobody to plead your case. Because the ones in this wold don’t care, they’ve evidence to believe otherwise and if not – some can be scrounged up from around here. An inverse understanding of cause and effect. We think we are tabula rosa NAY ha ha ha. Anything but rosy anything but blank. Closer to Slate than the descriptive metaphor wrapped in linguistic coverings. Besides – you haven’t the clearheadedness to explain yourself anyway. You are either connived you’re curse – laughing maniacally spinning the dark forces around on their heels to look at you dead in the face – mystified – and then surely intrigued – our you convince yourself of your victimhood – retelling the take in your head over and over – a narrative loop to which you eventually become quit nub – but To Fight. To Fight – is to stand still willfully pulled in a rambunctious middle – guilt and anger, sadness and fierceness, apathy and humor – fictive forces forcing combustion. To fight to move to inhale exhale – willfully – to Duel – to persist – I,possibly – the only thin, in death – made ostensibly apparent.

And Yet –

You’re still the one who killed Him

Whats the deal :

With a sloth?

Bill asked me and then I realized: I had no idea. What’s the deal with a sloth. Is it happy? Is it sad? Does it lay eggs?

pictured: irrefutable proof of happiness

Turns out – Sloths don’t lay eggs. And they are very happy. Slothville.com calls them “highly successful” slow moving mammals. I don’t know what the 401K package is for a sloth but I think their success (and soft-smile happiness) comes from this slow pace of theirs. We are taking this (very subjective) sloth wisdom into the weekend and slowwwiiinnnnngggg down. Namaste’ing, downward sloth, the whole thing. We feel successful already. WBU??

What’s in a name?

Existentially bereft

Bill and I were arguing about what to call this arrangement. He wants to highlight the peonies, but I think that peonies get all of the attention as it is, and that we should highlight the snap dragons. HE wants something along the lines of “virginal paradise” or “purity and serenity” but I think that he’s showing us his Freudian hand with those suggestions too…I want something like “Snap pony” or “pony dragon” it doesnt make any sense but the idea of calling a peony a pony with a straight face is just so funny to me. I don’t think this is a problem we will settle today. Will update.