End of Day Ritual : White Roses

There is a lot of work to do. In a flower shop. Buying flowers, Cleaning flowers, Delivering flowers, Arranging Flowers. Interacting with customers. Fielding phone calls from solicitors, cheerfully transcribing orders from customers. Taking out the Garbage, sweeping up the stems, rearranging the store after the busy mess of the day. Taking pictures of flowers, uploading pictures of flowers, writing captions of flowers. Telling customers to subscribe to our newsletter – suddenly remembering we have a newsletter. These are the chaotic constants but there is another constant – something called “A Lowell”. Named after one of our hotel Clients, we denote either: Small, Medium, or Large.

A spread of white roses in intervals of 12, 25, or 75. Their stems spiraled perfectly to create a dome on top of a low square glass ribboned with a single Aspidistrus. This elegant arrangement delights hotel guests, and gives us a therapeutic moment to think. A muscle memory task of cutting, cleaning, and lovingly nestling the heads of each rose against one another. A peaceful moment to rewind the day. Our minds, are clear. In this moment we sit together and talk: Mostly nonsense, about the day, about each other. Repacking the events of the week and maybe subconsciously our Life (is that dramatic?) These are the moments that reset us. With each other, with ourselves, and with the flowers we are surrounded by.

The consistency forcing stillness upon us, we are grateful. For our clients, our tasks, and for the flowers.

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