Change: We’re doing it, R U?

In the flower business we experience change in a very unique way. It comes and goes in the form of Seasons. (Okay, so that’s how we all experience change I guess) We see the colors change, the business slow down, and then pick up, and then taper, then skyrocket, and then – it all repeats itself. Change happens in cycles. The notion of change is spurred, (within us as within all people) – by the changing weather. The weather is, of course, the most readily available stimulus to give us humans a pervasive sense that something is different. That there has been a change. I can imagine the first leaf falling, as the integral moment the human psyche woke up and said “what….is…happening..” Out with the old, in with the new. “The winds are a-changing” (said in the most witchy voice you can muster plz). There are countless adages that affirm what we are feeling now: The necessity of Change.

Orange Crush – our most popular seasonal arrangement

We have been a Flower Shop for over 50 years. That’s a long time. In this time, we’ve experienced lots of seasons, and have experienced them in multiple locations. The Upper West Side, Upper East Side, and for the last 20ish years, the Lower East Side. Now with this new location, we are feeling the winds of change with a heightened sense of clarity. It is true, the only constant in this crazy life (and crazy industry) is change.

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