Coleus: The Variegated Beauty

This plant with its spindly stripes is a beautiful thing to behold. I never felt emotionally attracted to a plant until breathing in the discarded O2 that this baby was providing. It whispered in my ear “hey. I love you.” And I believed it.

This creepy little rendezvous made me stop and reflect: Who is this mysteriously variegated plant?

Turns out it is a Coleus, and it’s a very common house plant. To be honest, if I admitted that I didn’t know a Coleus on sight I would be kicked out of the Wednesday Night Mulching Seminar (still trying to manifest the reality of that *hinthint*, Universe)

This Coleus plant likes LOTS of water. In fact, they actually are more of an outdoor plant, but for us NYC folks who consider anywhere a houseplant exists to be ‘outdoor, the Coleus will be happy in a sunny windowsill as long as it is given plenty of water. You can water these most effectively by filling up a large pot with water and submerging the base of the plant completely. You do this once a week and these babies will love you for a long time – I’m hesitant to say that they will love you forever because the existential implications of that are too pressing – but these plants have been in peoples homes for thirty years sometimes!

I’m not swooning, you are.

We have Coleus and other sensuous plants at 84 Clinton. This one, however, is currently sitting on my sunny windowsill where thank you for reminding me – I will water it and sing to it when I get home.

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