Porcelain Dolls – Maybe YOU’RE the Creepy one.

At Bills Flowers and Other Things we like to be ahead of the times. (We invested in the Impossible Burger when it was just the Imp burger) We understand that just as seasons are cyclical, so are trends. This applies to fashion, as well as commerce. Porecelain dolls were at one time the #1 bought and sold item in the whole world. Out ranking Coffee Beans by 41% (if you fact check this and find out its completely incorrect and absurd I’ll just say that Stoli walked across my keyboard and google autocorrected that sentence). Regardless of the veracity of the logistics of the buy/sell economy – We feel that Porcelain dolls are primed for a comeback. You have the power to smash it to smithereens yet you resist. That is the sort of practiced empathy this next generation needs. We must work together to recognize the fragility of this thing which is spooky, yes – but also vulnerable. Who holds the power in this relationship? You, or the doll?

Popular culture would have us to believe that it is the doll which holds the power. These beautiful dainty creatures show up on your doorstep, transfix you with their sweetness; you bring them into your home and BOOM – Your life is suddenly ruined and you spend the rest of the movie trying to figure out how to banish this doll from existence. That slapstick narrative is overused and quite honestly, disrespectful to the generation of children who at one time made these beautiful handmade works of art their prized possessions. You know how hard it is to not break something? We do. The fact that these glass dolls have survived this many years unscathed is a tremendous accomplishment; one which deserves to be celebrated, not shamed. It’s time we take back the narrative of “dolls are creepy” or “dolls are possessed” or “dolls will see through your soul with their hallow dead eyes” and reimagine a NEW narrative, one which exposes the virtue of LOVE over contempt, and ACCEPTANCE over Fear.

BillsFlowersandOtherThings is excited to be on the forefront of championing this narrative with our totally unique, vintage, handmade Porcelain doll Collection.

Stop by 84 Clinton New York, NY 10002 or Call 212-529-6653 to learn more.

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