After Labor Day Feelings

Post Labor Day Flowers – Glorious

There is a certain post-labor day malaise that happens in the city (post Labor Day, of course) Labor Day is one of about a handful of days where the city creeps to a whispery halt. Everybody in the city is all of a sudden, a local. The pace switches a buzzing first gear and we suddenly find ourselves sitting back on our heels a bit. There is a quiet that takes over causing us to look up – at the surroundings we see everyday – our neighborhoods, with fresh perspective. Taking inventory of where we are, how we got here. The summer days we trudged through are now maligning us to say goodbye. The coming fall brings feelings of bittersweetness, exciting us with the respite from the heat, but reminding us of the impending winter ahead. A winter – that for flower shops means: HOLIDAYS. Suprising enough, Fall and Winter are some of the most busy seasons for Flower Shops. Decorations for holiday parties, events, but also just delivering flowers to people who don’t have the great privilege of being surrounded by them every (moment of) everyday.

So, we are shaking this malaise by reminding us what it is that we are doing next. And that is quite simply: hang out at 84 Clinton Street. Meet more of our neighbors. And put on our second party of the year. We have only been open for less than a month and already we have met so many people we can’t wait to have back. The backyard is getting into it’s perfect sweater weather just in time for our Halloween party and Post-Apocalyptic prom (you read that right).

Happy Labor Day Everyone! And if you’re feeling a little wonky – you’re not alone. Even FlowerShops get the blues. But, after a little self reflection, bounce right back.

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