The Sign

We saw it before it saw us. The change. The sign. Creeping up on us. Well, it was loaded into the back of a truck with a muffler issue so it wasnt exactly the most graceful of creeps. But nevertheless there was a certain nostalgic twinge that got us in the throat when we saw ESSEX FLOWERS sitting, propped in the backyard of 84 Clinton. Should we keep it? Is it better to start fresh and leave the remnants of the past behind (in a landfill) or do we cling to it. Repolish it refinish it and introduce it to the new home we’ve made for ourselves. It feels rude to just ditch it. A bad omen – imagining it floating in the ocean boyued to an island of a landfill marking new territory of a completely different sort. No. Thats not our nature. We’d rather sacrifice our sanity a tiny amount to find a home for something that doesnt deserve the nomer of Clutter. So for now. We will hang it. or prop it. In the yard. A memory of 384 Grand Street and a relic for the future.

(I’m not dramatic you are. Rubber, glue, bounce, bounce, stick to you. 😋)

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