Bill’s Flowers – we sell other things and deliver them too

One time we delivered a Ham and Cheese baguette, a bucket of brownies, a bottle of wine, and two ground beef hard shell tacos to a woman accompanying her flower delivery. Is that an abrupt way to start a story? Oh well.

She called us her “accomplice” over the course of our email coorespondances – the only type of correspondance we had with her. We got the wine and the sandwich fixings before we ran her credit card because even if it didnt go through we’d have a good story and a bottle of wine to enjoy. All went well and when we delivered it, both parties were happy (we were probably slightly more happy because hard work brings a multitude of joys – duh)This got us thinking – in our new store we would sell fun little gift items that we could deliver alongside people’s flower order. We’ve always given a customizable experience to our customers (customers, customizable… it’s linguistics really) but now we have more “other things” to choose from. We have candles, cups, a hand thay says I Love You. This place is like an iSpy book. Come and look around.

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